Stretchi Tents Manufactures Stretch Tents to the highest standards. Our tents comply with both local and international safety standards. Years of testing and development ensure that only the best materials and equipment are used in the construction of our tents.


Stretch Bedouin tent history:
The first commercial stretch tent originated in South Africa. The concept took inspiration from nomad tribes that lived in tented camps. These dessert tents were made from goat or camel hair.


Our contemporary stretch tents are made from advanced fabrics, tailor made for specific requirements and qualities. Stretchi Tents is constantly improving and developing to ensure our tents retain the highest quality on the market.

Custom Manufactured Stretch Tents

The future of custom tented solutions is here, and the possibilities are endless.

Custom Manufactured Tents

Our specially crafted tents are designed and manufacture to the exact specification of each space. Every tent is carefully measured, cut and finished in our production facility.

A variety of manufacturing techniques and the unique flexibility of our fabric allows for the most complex spaces to be covered.

Gone are the days of bulky frame structures that are costly and inconvenient.

Fabric used for our custom tents:

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Our customized production line ensures a durable and quality product that complies with the highest safety standards.

The outer polymer coating has UV stabilizers and full waterproof properties.

All rigging equipment and fabrics have gone through stringent load bearing and tensile strength tests to ensure the safety of the structures.

Buy Premium Stretch Tents

Our Premium Stretch tents are manufactures to the highest international standards. Each tent goes through a stringent quality controlled process. Our modular design allows for multiple tents to be connected to cover larger spaces. Rain gutters prevents any leaking between connected tents. All seams, lugs and corners are uniquely reinforced for extreme durability. Traditional Marquees are outdated, bulky and expensive. Stretch tents are the modern event/ semi-permanent tent of choice.

Key Features:

  • Durable tents that can be setup and taken down repeatedly.
  • Increase seating capacity of exposed spaces.
  • Modular design (connect tents to make larger sizes).
  • Create a contemporary space for events and semi-permanent solutions.
  • Suitable for any occasion.
  • Cost effective.
  • Custom logo prints available and full spectrum branding solutions.
  • Available in a variety of colours

Fabric used for our Premium Stretch Tents:
STRETCHI Flex 780X or STRECTHI 3ply 580X

These carefully manufactured tents are made into a variety of sizes:

Our fabric has a 1.5m width and unlimited length, so there are many sizes in-between.

  • 6x9m
  • 7.5x10m
  • 10x10m
  • 10x15m
  • 12x18m
  • 15x20m
  • 21x21m
  • 24x18m
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Lightweight Stretch Tents

A lightweight product for those that want an affordable pop-up solution that will be used on occasion.
Ideal for branding statements, pop-up event tents, camping tents and easy shade solutions.
These tents have excellent print capabilities and can be custom printed in high definition.

Fabric used for our custom tents:

Key Features:

  • Water resistant with durable water-repellents.
  • Fabric weight 260 Gsm.
  • Extremely lightweight, compact and easy to set up.
  • Excellent elasticity and recovery properties. 
  • Decorative indoor and outdoor uses.
  • Powerful branding solution.
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Our Fabric Specs


  • Fabric weight 780 GSM
  • A double layered fabric with durable outer polymer coating.
  • The inside of the fabric has an organic feel and look.
  • Fully waterproof with added UV stabilizers.
  • Antimicrobial and water-repellent treatments.
  • Optional fire retardants: FR TESTED (BS7837) + (M2).
  • Extremely good elasticity a stretch and recovery properties (ideal for extensive rental use).
  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Stock colours; white, beige, grey, red, black.
  • Custom colours are available on request.
  • Ideal for semi-permanent structures
  • This fabric is our flagship fabric for strength and durability.
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Stretchi 3ply 580 X

  • Fabric Weight 500 GSM
  • A triple layered fabric with and organic feel on both sides.
  • Fully waterproof with added UV stabilizers.
  • Antimicrobial and water-repellent treatments.
  • Optional fire retardants.
  • Stock colours; white, beige, grey.
  • Custom colours are available on request.
  • A lightweight waterproof fabric option for convenient rental use.
  • This fabric Is excellent for small to medium tents that will be put up and taken down often.
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Stretchi 1Ply 280 X

  • Fabric Weight 260 GSM
  • A single layered fabric with an organic feel.
  • Shower proof (not waterproof)
  • Not fire retardant
  • Excellent high-definition print capabilities.
  • Stock colours: Beige , Grey and White
  • Custom colours are available on request.
  • Extremely lightweight fabric for pop up tents and décor.
  • This fabric is excellent for small convenient tents and branding statements.
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