Light weight

These tents are made from a single layer fabric unique to our company.

This fabric has been treated with a durable water repellency making it “shower proof” (light water runoff). The high stretch capabilities allow for an asthetically pleasing tent when setup.


High stretch - ability

Good tensile strength

Easy to transport and setup

Aesthetically pleasing

Very affordable.


Camping | Events | Pop up stalls | Festivals

Heavier weight fabric

These tents are made from a durable double layer fabric. The outer layer has a waterproofed and Uv stable finish.

These tents are 100 percent waterproof and suitable for longer rentals tents or semi-permanent installations.


Weight 780 GSM

Fully waterproof and Uv Stable

Antimicrobial treatment

Oil repellent

Optional Fire retardant (BS7837)

Durable outer coating

Extremely good elasticity and stretch recovery

Excellent tensile strength.


Rental tent, Semi-Permanent Tents / Custom Structures

Custom Designed Permanent Tents

These tents are all made from our more durable waterproof and UV stable fabric.

We offer a full turnkey service:  Site visit | Design | installation

We have a full range of rigging solutions to deal with the most complex spaces.


Fully waterproof Structure

Durable fabric that is UV stable

Allow venue owners to cover revenue generating areas.

No Plan approvals needed to erect one of our tents.

Can be setup and taken down for summer or winter season.

Create an inviting ambient space.